The Newbie...

About a year ago I decided to get into the wedding photography business.  I have always had a love for photography going back to when I was a child.  I never thought I would want to get into this field.  I have always been in the helping profession, with my most recent profession of being a therapist.  Needless to say this profession does take it's toll on ones psyche and is very mentally taxing.  Simply, I needed to see happy people!

So why would a therapist making a great living leave his profession to get into wedding photography?  That is a question I often ponder regularly...  What I've kept coming up with was I love to capture moments in time.  There are a lot of different ways people collect moments in time... From collecting sand or shells from beaches around the world, to antiques from obscure places, to rocks, beer bottles, feathers, paintings or other forms of art.  Mine has always been with a camera!  

This began when I was a child when my parents took my sister and I across the country two summers in a row when I was about ten years of age.  This is when I tried to replicate Ansel Adams photographs in Yosemite National Park to capturing family memories.  After trying to capture the perfect picture on film, and getting "talked to" about taking too many photos of the same bridge.  Not realizing that each photo would cost money to process and develop.  I didn't care, I wanted that perfect shot!

The passion continued as I grew older, the invention of digital was a blessing!  I could take as many photos as I wanted within reason.  Needless to say I was excited about this new bit of technology.  

From Social Work to Wedding Photography... Interesting combination some may think!  Or is it getting back to my roots and redeveloping my true passion.  

Until next blog...